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Golden Apple Cut Outs

Parents, please note that each student who completes a level of the golden apple program – ie. the pink blossom level, will receive a pink blossom with their name in the school mail to take home as a reward.  This is in addition to the second pink blossom which is hung on the tree at school.  Some of our younger students have had some confusion about this aspect, so we are hoping to clear this up for them.  The apple with their name is a reward to encourage them after each stage of the golden apple is completed, and it comes home with the next stage’s sheet to fill in with book titles.  This apple STAYS home.   There is one exception:  When the Golden Apple level is completed, the gold apple will be given to the student during the award time in the library in April.  The gold apple with the student’s name will not come home through school mail.  Any questions?  Feel free to contact Yoon Hong, Sandy Olsavsky, or Lisa Pieters.

Save The Date

January 11th from 6:30pm-8:30pm is Bingo Night. Each child needs to bring a prize worth $5 or $5 cash for entry. This is for unlimited play and for one card. Each child leaves with a prize. Look for more details after the holidays.

7th Annual Talent Show

ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS!  We are looking for Chatham Park students (kindergarten through fifth grade) to perform in our seventh annual talent show.   Each student can participate in ONE act either solo or in a group limited to 2 minutes (not including the 5th Grade Finale).  If you are interested, or would like more details, click here for the complete details.


Have a Safe and Happy Holiday!


Upcoming Events

  • January 3rd HASA Meeting (9 AM cafeteria)
  • January 11th Bingo Night
  • February 6th HASA Meeting
Posted December 21, 2012