All children in grades K-5 are invited to join the Golden Apple Reading Program. This school-wide reading incentive program begins on October 1, 2019 and will end on March 31, 2020. This is a voluntary program.

Apples with the participating children’s names will be hung outside of the library as the children read the required number of books for their grade level.

Apple Sheet Goal (Grades K-2) Goal (Grades 3-5)
Pink Blossom 10 Books = 10 Total 5 Books = 5 Total
Green Apple 15 Books = 25 Total 5 Books = 10 Total
Yellow Apple 15 Books = 50 Total 5 Books = 15 Total
Red Apple 15 Books = 75 Total 5 Books = 20 Total
Golden Apple 15 Books = 100 Total 5 Books = 25 Total

Parents may help their children keep a list of books read on the Golden Apple Reading Program forms. There are five forms to complete: pink blossom, green apple, yellow apple, red apple, and golden apple. Start with the pink blossom sheet today! Each new sheet will be sent home with your child after the previous sheet has been recorded. Your child can pick up a new form outside of the HASA closet or you can download a form from the links below:

Children in grades K-2 may list books read to them, as well as those they have read themselves. When students in grades K-2 read chapter books, three chapters count as one book and can be recorded on each line. Children in grades 3-5 must read chapter books and each chapter book is considered one book. A book may only be listed one time. The lists, signed by a parent, should be returned to the homeroom teacher or main office so the children’s names can be recorded and displayed on the Golden Apple tree.

Only books read between October 1 and March 31 may be included. All forms must be turned in no later than March 31, 2020. Each child who earns a Golden Apple will receive an invitation to the Golden Apple celebration later in the year where he/she will select a book that will be dedicated to the library in his/her name. Please see the attached Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

If you have any questions, please see the FAQs below or email HASA one of the Golden Apple coordinators:

  • Daria Campeggio
  • Kristin Curran
  • Stephanie Delozier

Chatham Park Golden Apple Reading Program Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does the program run?
    The program runs from October 1st through March 31st. Only books read during that time period can be counted towards the reading levels. The final form needs to be turned into your child’s homeroom teacher no later than March 31st in order for your child to get their Golden Apple. Each child has the full six months to complete the program – it is not a race.
  2. What reading counts towards this program?
    We want to encourage your child’s love of reading, so any book read during the time period noted above will count. This includes books you read to your child, books your child reads for homework/school assignments, books read in class as part of silent reading time, and books read for fun. What is not included is excerpts of books or articles that your child may be assigned to read in school. Also, each book should only be counted once during the program. Please review and sign each form before your child turns it in. Forms that are not signed will be returned.
  3. Does the length of the book matter?
    No. For grades 3 through 5, all chapter books are counted equally whether it is a 200 page book or a 500 page book. For grades K through 2, three chapters of a chapter book will count as one book. We would ask that students read books that are at their reading level.
  4. Why does it sometimes take a long time for my child to get their next form?
    This program is run by volunteers – busy parents like yourselves. We try our best to regularly process the completed forms and send out new ones, but sometimes it takes longer than we would like. Blank forms will be available outside of the HASA closet (down the hall from the main office) which your child can pick up if needed.
  5. What happens at the end of the program?
    Each child who finishes the Golden Apple level will have a book plate with their name placed into a library book of their choice. There is an informal event before school in May, which usually lasts less than 15 minutes, where the children will receive a gold apple, a bookmark and a real apple. They will be able to check out their Golden Apple book and take it home for two weeks. This is a good opportunity for parents and caregivers to take a photo of their child with their chosen book. It is not a formal presentation or award ceremony.
  6. Who should I contact with questions, concerns, etc.?
    Please contact Daria Campeggio, Kristin Curran, or Stephanie Delozier at with any questions, concerns, complaints, or suggestions. Please do not contact the librarian or any other school personnel about this program as it is not part of their responsibilities.